A Comprehensive Events Company

We are a comprehensive event company which is specialized in organizing outdoor "Second Hand Markets" (flea markets), by providing an event platform for private individuals to SELL unwanted belongings.

A flea market is a type of bazaar where used items such as home appliances, clothes, antiques, treasures, books, toys, furniture etc. are sold. In addition we offer an opportunity for vendors selling craft items, art, jewellery, handmade clothing and other wonderful items.

Who We are

Green Spot Entertainment is a team of young Expatriates who founded the "Flea Market Cult" in UAE in April 2008. We are very excited and proud to announce and launch other Market concepts soon to increase the "Flea Market Community" in the whole region.

Our vision is to create more community markets with different profiles to cover all niches and society needs.

The company name Green Spot Entertainment stands for:

Green = Sustainability, don't throw unwanted items, sell it to others.
Green Spot = Events in Green Environments only to secure the community a friendly and healthy atmosphere!

We create markets in public parks to increase the entertainment aspect of having a family day out in green environment, enjoying the nature and the fresh air...

What we do

Driven by a team of second hand market passionate professionals and simply stated, Green Spot Entertainment offers comprehensive, Market organization from A-Z. With our Market concepts we create a different shopping experience to the usual shopping familiarity in your shopping life!

Green Spot Entertainment is handling all aspects of organization the Flea Market from A-Z, including:

  • Marketing & PR
  • Online Stand Booking
  • Online Payment Gateway
  • Stand Set Up
  • Customer Service Management

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